JiTTDL Title
Dr. Evelyn T. Patterson
Assistant Dean for Curriculum Planning
Professor of Physics
United States Air Force Academy

Dr. Gregor M. Novak
Distinguished Scholar in Residence
United States Air Force Academy
Professor of Physics Emeritus
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

JiTTDL Editorial Board
Dr. James Benedict, James Madison University
Dr. Robert Blake, Texas Tech University
Dr. Matt Fisher, St. Vincent College
Dr. Andy Gavrin, IUPUI
Dr. Laura Guertin, Penn State Delaware County
Dr. Kathleen Marrs, IUPUI
Dr. Mark Maier, Gledale Community College
Dr. Scott Simkins, North Carolina A&T State University
Dr. Jeff Watt, IUPUI
Xiaoqiu Bao
Supporting Consultants
Library and Information Science Experts

Dr. Elin K. Jacob
Associate Professor of Library and Information Science
Indiana University
Dr. Kiduk Yung
Assistant Professor of Information Science
Indiana University
Dr. Joan K. Middendorf
Campus Instructional Consulting
Indiana University
Operations Manager
James M. Dorman

Graduate Students - Indiana University
Barbara Gelwick
Nicolas George
Gavin La Rowe
Ning Yu