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Greetings! To learn about JiTTDL please click About JiTTDL.
Welcome to JiTTDL, the digital library for Just-in-Time Teaching pedagogical resources.

The Library collection has materials from biology, chemistry, geoscience, mathematics and physics. These represent the startup collection, provided by the JiTT pioneers. If you are an active JiTT practitioner, please share you materials. For a submissions kit please email gnovak@iupui.edu or request the submissions kit in the comments box of the guestbook.

Guest visitors are welcome on the wiki and the collections sites. Hosting service is available only to registered users who sign up for the hosting service.

To request an account on the JiTTDL hosting server please send your name and affiliation to gnovak@iupui.edu.

For a quick overview of JiTT materials and activities pleased visit the JiTT Sampler.

The development of the JiTTDL library is supported by an NSF grant. JiTTDL is a member of the NSDL community.

This site is intended to serve as the virtual community center for the faculty who participate in the use and development of the JiTT pedagogy.

The library provides a hosting service for the first time users of the JiTT pedagogy. On the JiTTDL hosting server you can post JiTT assignments for your course and retrieve student responses. The beta version of the hosting server is operational.

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