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We try to discuss all the JiTT issues as multidisciplinary, however, there are times when specifically disciplinary items come up. This will be the jump-off page for discipline specific topics (e.g. the Force Concept Inventory assessment instrument in physics.)

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JiTL(Just in Time Learning) is a meta-topic about meta-learning. I think it would be interesting as a generic JiTT topic. The purpose of a university has been characterized as teaching students how to learn and teach themselves. Clearly if that goal is not achieved then the idea of Life-Long Learning cannot be achieved. By JiTL I mean a learning strategy that promotes effective learning in a highly-integrated contructive fashion so that a person is equipped to quickly learn things that are immediately required in the short term. If JiTT can be used to accomplish JiTL then we really have achieved something intrinsically significant. As such I think JiTL is the ultimate discipline and building such a discipline using JiTT would be a wonderful demonstration of the effectiveness of the methodology. --Ray Schneider