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To encourage conversation and to help spin up new JiTT classes we now have a Q&A page where questions about JiTT implementation can be posed. Anything at all can be brought up, from classroom management, to assignment scoring to content issues. To contribute to the page you need to be registered. To request a JiTTDLwiki account please send your name and affiliation to


Tools for Reviewing & Responding to Student Input

I'm currently using Blackboard (Bb) to implement JiTT in my Civil Engineering classes. One huge drawback of Bb is there is no way to quickly all the student responses to my pre-class JiTT questions with student names associated with responses. I can either quickly get a dump of all responses by question w/out student names attached or I can very tediously look at each student's responses, but I can't get both responses and names in an expedient fashion.

Is anyone else using Bb and if so how do you review and respond to student input?

Bill Kitch []


Standardizing Terms of JiTT

As someone who would love to see this wiki take off, I am wondering if we should create a standardized set of terms for the various JiTT components. For example, Bill (above) talked about "pre-class JiTT questions", which I've also seen called "Warmups" or "Pre-flights". Does this seem like a good idea? Should we use the JiTT book as our guide for naming conventions?

-Jeff Loats (