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Welcome to the Just-In-Time Teaching (JiTT) Toolkit!

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The JiTT Toolkit is a joint project of the JiTT Digital Library (JiTTDL) and the USAF Academy Center for Research on Learning & Teaching (CRLT). Think of the JiTT Toolkit as a high speed place to either get started with using JiTT, a quick refresher for those who have used JiTT before, and a place to start getting involved in JiTT research. What a great idea! So especially if you are brand new to JiTT or JiTT research and want to give it a shot, no more than a morning or afternoon's effort will get you up and running--but only if you use the JiTT Toolkit!


So you may simply want to know what JiTT is, how does it work and what is it supposed to accomplish for both faculty and students? Well, you've come to the right place. Here's a great article on all the basics. Of course, it's authored by one of the founders of JiTT, so it should be pretty good! (Keep in mind that Warmups are called Preflights at USAFA)

Here's the link if you want to go there! http://webphysics.iupui.edu/jitt/what.html

Here's the text of the article itself, right here on JiTTDLwiki, if you want to press ahead right here (or if the other link doesn't work)!

A Pedagogical Primer on JiTT

If you want to grab ahold of something more substantial, I've also got several copies of a book called "Just-In-Time Teaching" by Novak, Patterson, Gavrin and Christian. It's a fantastic resource for anyone interested in JiTT. Just call CRLT at 719-333-3978 to borrow a copy.


JiTT FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . and a few not-so-frequently asked, that we want you to know about anyway . . . !

WOW, there are already a lot of these, so we put them on a separate page so that the WikiMedia Jedi won't get mad at us!

JiTT Frequently Asked Questions


1. Here's a techie studies (science or engineering) lesson plan (don't worry, it's just Physics . . . !)

Want to keep learning from one of the Jedi Masters of JiTT? Well, here we go with a real, detailed lesson plan from Dr. Gregor M. Novak, one of the founders of JiTT.

First of all, let's see what he has to say about the whole idea of creating a JiTT lesson. Check it out at this link (Surprise! It's actually already here on JiTTDLwiki under Implementation Notes on the navigation bar. But here's a quick link to get you there . . .

Constructing a JiTT Physics Lesson

Remember, it may be a Physics lesson, but most of the big ideas may be applied to lessons in any discipline. So enjoy!

Now let's see what the actual lesson itself looks like. This too is from right here on the JiTTDLwiki under Classroom Notes. But here's a quick link for all of you Navy fighter pilots out there . . .

A detailed physics lesson example

2. Fuzzy studies (humanities, social sciences, economics, etc) lesson plans and such

For this category, we'll take a differnt tack. Let's look at a couple of web sites that illustrate how others are using JiTT in constructing courses and lessons based on this pedagogy.

Here's a great pair of web pages from Scott Simkins (North Carolina A&T) and Mark Maier (Glendale CC) for their efforts in applying JiTT to Economics courses.

Implementing JiTT - A Step-by-Step Example: http://www.ncat.edu/~simkinss/jittecon/jittpedagogy/jittstepbystep.html

JiTT-based Classroom Activities: http://www.ncat.edu/~simkinss/jittecon/jittpedagogy/jittactivities.html

Now let's take a look at a great History of Photography course; the handiwork of Claude Cookman (Indiana U.-Bloomington). Take a look at how he structures the course and weaves the JiTT formalism into it.

History of XXth Century Photography by Claude Cookman: http://www.journalism.indiana.edu/syllabi/ccookman/J462portfolio/index.htm

3. Practicum Based Courses such as Clinical Training or Industrial Arts

OK everybody, now it's your turn. We need some JiTT examples from these types of courses. So dive into the JiTTDLwiki and show this important part of our community how it's done! And thank you for your continuing support!


Here's the beginning of a compendium of JiTT related web sites that you can use to develop your skills and contribute to the growing JiTT community. Of course, we encourage you to add to the list so that we can all benefit even more. As you can plainly see, we'll have to do some work to organize this list and keep it current. Just select this link and you are there . . .



As you might imagine, the JiTT Community is full of activity by academic professionals plying their trade with the coins of the realm--presentations and publications. Let's look at what's happening and talk about it! It's exciting to see what is going on and become a part of it in a way that fits for you. A lot of great things have already been done and are on-going. As we capture these events, we'll learn from our own history, keep from re-inventing a few JiTT wheels, and generate a lot of great new ideas on how we can underwrite the intellectual foundations of JiTT and further improve it for posterity. Eventually, all of these entries will become searchable content in the JiTT Digital Library (JiTTDL). Since the editing/vetting process for the Digital Library is under development, let's keep this list growing till we can start populating the DL with well organized content from these lists. When we begin operating the editing/vetting process, the older entries here will become DL content, while we keep the current year events right here on the Toolkit page. So let's dig into what's going on with scholarship in the JiTT Community; it may be a little messy at first, but here we go!


Well, the JiTT Community is very busy not only doing JiTT, but talking to a lot of people about it! Here's a START at listing every JiTT presentation ever done by anyone, anywhere, anytime.



Here's where the scholarship rubber meets the road. The JiTT community is establishing a vibrant history of publications that speak to issues of theory and implementation of JiTT. As you might imagine, we've got a lot to be proud of in terms of publications. So let's continue to recognize our colleagues' published work with a view towards further improving the weight of the scholarship of JiTT as time goes by. So again, here's our START at listing every publication featuring JiTT scholarship since the earth began to cool.




Need some JiTT help from a seasoned pro? Well, we are building a list of colleagues who have agreed to serve as mentors to the JiTT Community at large. Eventually, we'll construct a clickable map that will allow you to select mentors by country, state, content domain or institution. As well, you'll be able to access a searchable database to find mentors in any category by which we'll tag them. In the meantime, here are a few folks to get the list started. If you're out there and want to serve as a JiTT Mentor, just sign up on our JiTT Mentor's page. Here's the link!



In the near future we are going to offer some great videos of JiTT Founders Gregor Novak and Evelyn Patterson presenting actual JiTT sample lessons. As well, Dr. Novak will present a talk on the education research underpinnings of JiTT. So stay tuned. It will be worth the wait!