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JiTL(Just in Time Learning) is meta-learning which is the goal of education. JiTL is optimized meta-learning. How to learn when you need to learn and what you need to learn so that you are not simply filling your mind with clutter. How do we learn most effectively? JiTT is a methodology which focuses on effective teaching which is the flip side of learning. Every learner requires a teacher even if, perhaps especially if, the teacher/learner relation is a self-pointer.

Jotting some notes to myself I thought of JiTL as an inherently constructive process built on a foundation of the knowledge you already have. Learning theory would be a component as would assessment, for you can't establish the quality of a process without auditing and assessing it. In my notes I jotted down: FACTS, PRINCIPLES, and APPLICATIONS, which collectively represent a few primitives of the content of learning. We learn facts and principles and apply them. The facts test the principles and the combination is the use of knowledge to accomplish things.

In a sense the ultimate content of JiTT, i.e. the payload, what is to be delivered, ought to be JiTL so the student becomes an autonomous learner that is maximally effective. What do you think? -- Ray Schneider