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The Assessment page objectives

Assessments of all different kinds are important components of the JiTT pedagogy. The JiTTDL library will have an "Assessment Room" where information about topical assessment ideas and instruments will be presented. The wiki assessment page is intended for practitioner contributions and discussion. This is the place where we can raise issues, ask and answer questions, and share experiences.

Visualization Pilot Study at Indiana University - Fall 2007

During the Fall 2007 semester Profs. Mary Beth Camp and Joan Middendorf conducted a pilot study at Indiana University, aimed at understanding how to help students learn to visualize statistical data.

Details of the study and results can be found at Pilot_Study_Results.

Some thoughts on assessment by Joan Middendorf

On Assessment by Joan Middendorf

Assessment data on JiTT in Biology by Kathy Marrs

Marrs Assessment Data

JiTT Assessment Conference

In July 2005 a group of JiTT practitioners gathered at the US Air Force Academy for a two day conference on assessment issues in Just-in-Time Teaching. The on-site conference followed two virtual conferences held earlier in the year. The proceedings of the conference are now available online:

Just-in-Time Teaching Assessment Workshop Proceedings